Away Meet

An away meet is a swimming meet that is out of Christchurch, they can be as far away as Auckland and Invercargil. This year the club has had swimmers travel to swim at Timaru, Dunedin, Invercargill, Wellington and Auckland.

The club will arrange the travel excluding flights, as well as a coach. If a minimum number of swimmers are reached then a team manager will travel with the team also.

The accommodation is usually in a motel and the team usually travel in a minivan or bus.

Team Manager

One Team Manager is required per 10 swimmers for an away meet. Team managers will stay with the Coach at the team accommodation. The team manager's accommodation, transport and food is paid by the club.

If you have any questions regarding the specific duties then please email

The Team Manager's responsibilities are as follows:


The Team Manager is responsible for providing and preparing all the meals for the team and coach.

Breakfasts are largely the swimmers responsibility - team manager to provide milk, bread, butter/marg and fruit for all rooms.

Team manager to provide lunches and dinners for all swimmers, coaches & managers. (Depending on location/means of travel/facilities available at accommodation, meals can be prepared in advance and taken away frozen).

Poolside snacks are swimmers responsibility also, however if morning sessions are particularly long you may need to organise rolls or raspberry buns or similar to be available at the pool

The club Travel Co-ordinator has all health and dietary information for all swimmers, which will be provided to team manager.


Ensure swimmers go to marshalling for their races on time (depending on the size of the team and where coaches are located, coaches may assist with this)

Ensure swimmers are in correct uniform

Hang JASI Banner at the beginning of the meet and DON'T FORGET TO BRING IT HOME!!

Team manager to be available to liaise with meet organisers/meet director on any issues that may arise - coaches will guide you if this is necessary (for national meets liaison is with Canterbury manager)


Ensure all swimmers have been collected from airport/delivered to airport and are in correct uniform

The club Administrator will provide a folder with all info regarding the meet - accommodation booking, rental van booking, swimmer and coaches travel (flight bookings) and swimmers health and emergency contact forms.

Ensure behaviour standards of the club are upheld by swimmers

Often on the last night the team will go out for a meal together - team manager to coordinate

Club Credit card is provided to purchase all food, petrol and incidentals, team manager to be responsible for card and retaining all receipts - to be returned to treasurer on return to Christchurch

Cheque will be provided to pay for accommodation/rental van if not already paid - receipts to be retained for treasurer

First Aid kit - to be taken to all away meets - either coach or team manager to look after. Advise the travel coordinator if anything used and needs replacing.



The club has a Travel Policy which all swimmers must agree to at the time of joining the club.  This is reviewed annually.   All swimmers must also complete a Medical and Health Consent Form this is done annually at registration.